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communication - important thing that you have to tell other...

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When should positive information be delivered using the following methods of communication: face- to-face, telephone, printed mail, and e-mail? Provide examples using references from the readings and your own experiences to support your opinion. As we know that there are different ways of communicating a message. This can be best explained through an example, as we now most of the good news is delivered face to face in order to avoid miscommunication. Considering my own example I know when I told my parents face to face that I am about to get married I know how much they were happy and I can only imagine that what may happen if I had messaged them or told them though my cell phone. Similarly phone is used mostly for some type of
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Unformatted text preview: important thing that you have to tell other like a phone call from an organization telling somebody that they have been appointed for the job. Printed mails are often used for any information that is referred to later date for example direction of an important event. Annual function in a school is often communicated through a printed mail. Nowadays Emails are often used for short communications as well as for important communication between coworkers. Sending information from one department to another through e-mail, as e-mail is considered as rapid transmit of information. I consider e-mail as the best way for sharing information at my work place but only If it does not contain any highly confidential information....
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