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The benefit of the rebate is that Honda will sell more vehicles and earn a profit on each additional vehicle sold: Benefit = Profit of $6,000 per vehicle × 15,000 additional vehicles sold = $90 million. The cost of the rebate is that Honda will make less on the vehicles it would have sold: Cost = Loss of $2,000 per vehicle × 40,000 vehicles that would have sold without rebate = $80 million.
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Unformatted text preview: Thus, Benefit Cost = $90 million $80 million = $10 million, and offering the rebate looks attractive. (Alternatively, we could view it in terms of total, rather than incremental, profits. The benefit as $6000/vehicle 55,000 sold = $330 million, and the cost is $8,000/vehicle 40,000 sold = $320 million....
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