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unit 1 project ass. capstone

unit 1 project ass. capstone - Goals Education Beliefs and...

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Goals, Education, Beliefs and Values Talicia Pate CE299-01 July 10, 2011
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I was born February 25, 1984. I am the eldest out of 3 siblings; my proud mom is Mrs. Rhonda Renee Pate and my dad Robert little’s. My birth place is in Jersey City, New Jersey. I grew up in the mean streets of Jersey City, spending much of my girlhood and youth in a two story house where we live on the first floor in a 2 bedroom apartment. I was a tomboy and love to play with my cousin and friends in the street, especially riding bikes down hills. It will be about three of us on one bike (front handle bar, seat, and begs) that was the best day. Besides going to school and being in the house there was so much to do on free time, I had so much fun. Double ditching or turning the fire hydrant on to get wet, man oh man what great times. I lived in Jersey City, New Jersey for 15 out of the 27 years of my life. In New Jersey most stores that cover your basic need are all at a walking distance, everybody lives on top of each other, finding a parking spot was a big headache for some people. But living in the suburbs is not all peaches and cream neither it’s also has its flaws. The greatest thing about living in the city is that everything you need and want is close within walking distance. So if you are at home preparing dinner and you forgot to grab oil while at the grocery store you didn’t have to worry. You don’t have to jump in your car and drive 20 minutes to arrive at the nearest grocery store rather just walk to the corner store and this was for anything you can think of, as well as a gas saver.
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unit 1 project ass. capstone - Goals Education Beliefs and...

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