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1. Recurrent, intrusive thoughts, ideas, or fears are _______________. Particular acts that OCD patients feel they must repeatedly perform are _______________. a. delusions; obsessions b. delusions; compulsions c. ****obsessions; compulsions d. obsessions; delusions 2. Which is NOT considered to be a positive symptom of schizophrenia? a. ***catatonia b. delusion c. hallucination d. loosening of association 3. An anxiety hierarchy, which ranks situations from most anxiety-provoking to least anxiety provoking, is used to treat ____________. a. ***phobias b. depression c. schizophrenia
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Unformatted text preview: d. autism 4. Although her radio is never on, Shirley is the only one who hears the personal messages on her radio that she believes are transmitted via your TV satellite dish. She believes that you are aiming the message at her radio to try to make her think she is losing her mind so she will abandon her home and you can buy her property cheaply. She has notified the sheriff on several occasions and now threatens to contact the FCC if the messages continue. Shirley is displaying a. hallucination. b. a delusion. c. loose associations d. ***both a and b are true....
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