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EthicsEssay - Doolittle opinions and comments I highlighted...

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Doolittle opinions and comments: I highlighted in yellow some comments I found interesting. Many I agreed with, many I did not. Highlights are not “endorsements of opinions” only “points of interest in an otherwise lengthy and often repetitive discussion. The following is a short “summonses and rebuttal”. Erroneous Interpretation: I am not making mass accusations of any kind. Just curious on your opinions and looking for suggestions. General Class Feelings: The vast majority of the responses were “Cheaters are bad and hurt my grades”, “ethics are important for a civil society” and similar responses. Some disagreed and some were clearly confused particularly as to whether academic cheating was unethical based on the natural competitiveness of society. Regarding “The pressure made me do it” excuse which was very prevalent: The rigor of the GT program is more valuable than the academic topics taught. GT forces time management, good work ethics, and focus. These traits ultimately lead to success regardless of your chosen field. If you can handle GT, you are on your way to handling most jobs. However, the pressures of grades and getting the first job is insignificant compared to the pressures placed on you by your future work. Be prepared – work is harder than Tech! In short, pressure is not a valid reason to succumb to cheating. Cracking under pressure to “perform” merely exposes weaknesses that existed before the pressure was applied. Ethical Clarity: Many essays seemed conflicted – it is okay to do “X” in this situation but wrong in another. Those that invoke various religious discussions seem to have the highest ethical clarity while admitting that religions are flawed in similar ways. Perhaps this indicates a proper role of religion in society? I found it ironic that on an ethics assignment, some chose to copy “ethical examples” off the web without credit. Finally, I found it profound that in the random listing of essays, the last comment in the last essay was: “Engineering students should be held to a higher standard, we’re supposed to be the ones who fix problems for society, not create them.” Very nicely put!
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1) Ethics in general are important because ethical behavior is what separates us from lower levels of animals. Ethics are apart of a person moral fabric and without ethics society would be torn at the seam. Engineering also requires ethics and they are important to the livelihood of society. Engineering ethics ensure the safety and performance of many of the structures and technological advances that society benefits from. As purveyors of engineer the engineering student should be held to a high ethical standard and anything that goes against that should be dealt with accordingly. I believe that engineering ethics are important, and I also believe that students are placed under a huge amount of pressure at Georgia Tech.
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