FinalExamReview - ECE 3040 Dr. Alan Doolittle I have...

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ECE 3040 Dr. Alan Doolittle I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting each of you and hope that I have had a positive influence on your carriers. Please feel free to consult with me in your future work. If I can help you in any way, please come by and talk. Also, if you have not already completed the online computer evaluation, please do so. I am very interested in your comments on my performance, and the class in general. The evaluation is available at: Use the following as a final exam study GUIDE . It by no means is meant to be 100% complete. All material covered in this course is fair game for the exam.
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1 Class introduction and policies Handout 2 Semiconductor materials Crystal structures Semiconductor materials Classifications of materials (metals, insulators,semiconductors, etc. ..) Classifications of semiconductors (elemental, compound, binary,ternary, etc. ..) Classifications and descriptive techniques of crystals and crystal structure (polycrystalline, crystalline, unit cells, Miller indexes, etc. ..) Energy bandgap (what they are and where do they come from), ENERGY BAND DIAGRAMS, electron and hole generation Pierret 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 2.1, and 2.2 3 Carrier Properties State and Carrier Distributions Equilibrium carrier concentrations Effective mass, intrinsic carrier concentration, extrinsic materials (doped), doping types (p or n), fermi-level movement with doping, fermi-probability distributions (meaning and be able to apply),
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FinalExamReview - ECE 3040 Dr. Alan Doolittle I have...

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