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Measurements of a Table Objective: The objective of this experiment was to gain a better understanding of mean values, the standard deviation, significant digits, and the propagation of errors. The lab also allowed time to become accustomed with the computer software that we are going to be using throughout the semester. Procedures: The first step in this experiment was to obtain a wooden dowel approximately 20 cm in length. Then you must use the wooden dowel to measure the table’s length and width. This must be done rapidly using only one hand and you were not allowed to make any marks of any kind on the table. The measurement for both length and width must be taken 30 times. The large number of trials helps to compensate for any over or under- estimating. After all of the measurements are taken you must then input them into the graphical analysis program on the supplied computer. The program then calculates the mean for all of your measurements. The computer will also supply you with the standard
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