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Newton�s Second Law of Motion PHY113 - 1

Newton�s Second Law of Motion PHY113 - 1 - Newton's...

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Newton’s Second Law of Motion Objective: The objective of this experiment was to observe and validate Newton’s second law of motion by measuring and recording the acceleration of gravity. Procedures: The first step in the process is to measure the mass of the cart and the small metal hook attached to the end of the string that the masses hang from. Graphical analysis and set a data table with the fallowing columns: m (kg), slope 1 (m/s2), slope 2 (m/s2), Aave (m/s2) and g (m/s2). Columns g and Aave or calculated columns and must be set up accordingly. The file PHY113Newton2Law must then be opened in order to collect data from the monitor set up on the table. Pressing the start button on the program begins data recording from the sensor and continues to record for five seconds. The motion detector is not a directional sensor and a trial run is required in order to make sure that the sensor is adjusted correctly and pointing in the correct direction. You then must record velocities for the moving cart for the six values of tension in the string ranging from .05N to .40N.
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