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ECE 6450 Introduction to Microelectronics Technology Exam 1 September 16, 2002 Dr. W. Alan Doolittle Solutions Print your name clearly: Instructions: Read all the problems carefully and thoroughly before you begin working. You are allowed to use 1 sheet of notes (1 page front and back) as well as a calculator. There are 100 total points plus a chance for 10 bonus points in this exam. Observe the point value of each problem and allocate your time accordingly. SHOW ALL WORK AND CIRCLE YOUR FINAL ANSWER WITH THE PROPER UNITS INDICATED. Write legibly. If I can not read it, it will be considered to be a wrong answer. Do all work on the paper provided. Turn in all scratch paper, even if it did not lead to an answer. Report any and all ethics violations to the instructor. Good luck! Sign your name on ONE of the two following cases: I did not observe any ethical violations during this exam: I observed an ethical violation during this exam:
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Problem 1. (25 points total in 5-3 point parts): True/False and Multiple Choice: a.) Given that the energy bandgap of AlN is 6.2 eV, GaN is 3.4 eV and InN is ~0.8 eV, which material is likely to have the shortest chemical bonds?
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Exam1Fall2002Solution - ECE 6450 Introduction to...

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