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ECE 6450 Homework #1 Some (perhaps not all) physical properties that might be needed in this homework: Density of Si = 2.328 g/cm 3 Molecular weight of Si = 28.086 grams/mole Density of Ge = 5.3267 Molecular weight of Ge = 72.61 grams/mole Density of SiO 2 = 2.2 g/cm 3 Molecular weight of Si0 2 = 60.085 grams/mole Atomic density of Si = 5e22 /cm 3 Atomic density of Ge = 4.42e22 /cm 3 Problem #1: To increase the speed of their transistors, IBM and Intel are considering using Si 85% Ge 15% (% atomic) instead of Si (not necessarily in the bulk form we discuss here). You are asked to grow a crystal of this material. A.) Assuming an equilibrium condition at the solid-liquid interface, approximately what temperature (at the interface) should you use and why (discuss the state of all phases at your chosen temperature)? B.) What range of compositions of the source charge (assume a finely mixed powder that has been thoroughly melted) results in the desired composition of the solid crystal? C.) If the total
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