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Quiz 1 SOC101

Quiz 1 SOC101 - 6 Sociological studies that focus on...

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Quiz 1 1) Did you write and bubble in your name on the scantron? a. Yes b. No 2) The ____________ enables one to grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within society. a. scientific method b. sociological imagination c. breaching experiment d. looking glass self 3) Which theory emphasizes the importance of social relationships and social organizations? a. Functionalist t Theory b. symbolic Interaction c. conflict Theory 4) Sociology: 5) According to Durkheim, a low degree of ____________ is a factor that contributes to suicide:
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Unformatted text preview: 6) Sociological studies that focus on large-scale phenomena or entire civilizations are defined as: a. microsoiology b. interactionism c. macrosociolgy d. transactional analysis 7) Which sociological perspective would most likely want to know “who benefits, who suffers, and who dominates at the expense of others” in social relationships? a. Functionalist perspective b. Conflict perspective c. Interactionist perspective d. Global perspective 8) Durkheim was concerned with social order and stability. Thus, he observed that rapid social change produced _______________ in society. a. unity b. anomie c. inequality d. solidarity 9) Which of these is not a primary focus of sociology? a. Group behavior b. Social facts c. Social change d. Cognitive abilities 10) What is the instructor’s name? a. Jay Farrar b. Mark Everett c. Isaac Brock d. Ben Lewin...
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Quiz 1 SOC101 - 6 Sociological studies that focus on...

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