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CHEM 1310: General Chemistry Sections L & M EXAM #1 Study Guide (covering Chemical Principles Chapters 1-5) Chapter 2: Atoms, Molecules and Ions ± Know composition of an atom: protons, neutrons, electrons ± Know charges of atomic particles ± Know what an isotope is and how it is designated (Section 2.6) in terms of atomic number and mass number ± Know group names in Periodic Table of the Elements and how to interpret information from the Periodic Table ± Know names of ions and how to name simple compounds (Section 2.9, especially tables) Chapter 3: Stoichiometry ± Balance a chemical equation ± Calculate moles, # molecules, mass, Molar mass, etc. ± Calculate % composition of compounds ± Determine the empirical formula or molecular formula of a compound ± Deduce relationships from a balanced chemical such as shown in Table 3.2 ± Calculate amount of reactants or products from a balanced chemical equation ± Deduce the limiting reactant ± Calculate theoretical yield and percent yield
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