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Messeges of the Psychotic Sorceress

Messeges of the Psychotic Sorceress - Murray 1 ESSAY TWO...

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Murray ESSAY TWO 1 Yaunek Murray EUH 2021 Section Instructor: Reed Due Date: March 7, 2011 “Message of the Psychotic Sorceress” Pertaining to the matter of The Messenger and Sorceress ; in spite of the unmistakable amusement provided, one is reduced to a certain sensation of perturbation. Bearing in mind, the way in which the directors cheekily implanted bogus traumatic scenes about the adolescent lives of the main characters in the films. It is clear that the directors employed these pretentious happenings to put a psycho-analytical twist on the facts. That, which is factual, is what a historical film should embrace; any embellishment used, can only put a blemish on the actual history and heroism of the historical figures. For this discourse, one finds it necessary to point to Joan’s premonitions in The Messenger . At first, the contents of her revelation were completely void of speech; whatever was being told to Joan was completely left up to the prudence of the viewer. Yet, as the film wore on, the entity of Joan’s visions became more frightening, and was even pictured presenting contradictory inquiry to Joan following her capture. In one scene while she is in prison, the entity says to Joan: “you didn’t see what ‘was’ Joan, you saw what you ‘wanted’ to see.” Upon hearing, the inquisition from the entity of Joan’s psyche, one might find themselves questioning the legitimacy of the entity Joan calls her council; is this God or is it the opposite? This is the very question the director wanted to raise, what human can know the difference between good and evil? Perhaps this is a concept better presented in a more fictitious film, as opposed to a documented occurrence; Roland Barthes would agree:
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Murray ESSAY TWO 2 …although it is a good thing if a spectacle is created to make the world more explicit, it is both reprehensible and deceitful to confuse the sign with what it signified. And it is a duplicity which is peculiar to bourgeois art: between the intellectual and the visceral sign is hypocritically inserted as hybrid, at once elliptical and pretentious, which is pompously christened ‘nature’. (209)
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Messeges of the Psychotic Sorceress - Murray 1 ESSAY TWO...

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