Syllabus Fall 2010 b

Syllabus Fall 2010 b - Physiology Molecular Biology of...

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1 Physiology & Molecular Biology of Animals, PCB 4723C Fall 2010 Dr. H. B. Lillywhite, Instructor Department of Biology Dr. Alice Harmon, Chair 220 Bartram Hall, 392-1175 GENERAL CLASS INFORMATION : Course Summary From the UF undergraduate catalog: Discussion of the processes and mechanisms of maintenance, activity, and integration in animals, with emphasis on vertebrates. Laboratory experience in quantitative methods and techniques of physiological investigation. Prerequisites: General biology (BSC 2011), general chemistry (CHM 2046 or 2047), and general physics (either PHY 2048 or PHY 2053 or PHY 2060), all with minimum grades of C. Genetics and biochemistry are recommended, but not a strict requirement. 5 Credits. Instructors Course Lectures : Dr. Harvey B. Lillywhite (Lectures from 1:55 to 3:50 PM, Tuesdays and Thursdays, McCarty A, room 186) Email: [email protected]; voice phone: 392-1101 Office hours: Monday, 1000-1200 AM, room 122 Bartram ( or by appointment ) Laboratory Teaching Assistants: Melania Lopez-Castro , <[email protected]> Joni Wright , <[email protected]> Patricia Zárate , <[email protected]> (Further information will be announced at the first laboratory meeting.) Required Course Materials Textbook: C.D. Moyes & P.M. Schulte, Principles of Animal Physiology , 2 nd Edition, 2008, Pearson/Benjamin Cummings (available at university book stores). Course Website The instructor will maintain a website that you can visit periodically (from your computer) to find various items of information that are not included in this syllabus. These include exam information, practice problems, and postings of lecture notes. The URL is: . Click on the appropriate links which are identified by title at this website. Grading There are 900 points possible in the class, distributed as follows: Lecture portion of class : 2 midterms @ 200 points each (including final) = 400 points 1 final exam @ 200 points = 200 points Total points for lecture = 600 points Laboratory portion of class : 300 points to be distributed as announced by laboratory staff Total points for laboratory = 300 points
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2 Anticipated grade distributions : Below are grade levels you might expect from various percentages of total course points , but the grade cutoffs (or scale) may be adjusted if warranted by the overall class performance. Please note the following scale is an approximate expectation only : A 90-100% B 78-89% C 60-77% D 50-59% E <50% Examinations Midterms and final exam are tentatively scheduled for the following dates:
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Syllabus Fall 2010 b - Physiology Molecular Biology of...

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