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Citing the Bible - means the book of Exodus chapter 13...

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HOW BIBLICAL CITATIONS WORK The Hebrew Bible is divided into books each of which is divided into chapters, each of which is divided into verses. The standard method of citing a biblical text is to name the book, either with its full name or its abbreviation (most of the abbreviations are self- evident) then, using Arabic numerals (1. 2, 3…, as opposed to Roman numerals like I, II, III, IV, etc.), to designate the chapter followed by a colon (:) then the verse or verses. So, here are a few examples: Gen. 2:4 means the book of Genesis, chapter 2, verse 4 Exodus 13:3-7
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Unformatted text preview: means the book of Exodus, chapter 13, verses 3 through 7 Jer. 2:4-3:6 means the book of Jeremiah, from chapter 2, verse 4 through chapter 3, verse 6. II Sam. 5:19-23 means the book known as Second Samuel, chapter 5, verses 19 thropugh 23. NOTE: The books Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles each include two books, so they are designated by a Roman numeral I or II before the name of the book. Thus I Chron. is the first book of Chronicles, II Kings the Second Book of Kings, etc. It is expected that in all your writing you will use this citation system....
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