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AC410-01_Unit 5_Assignment_Marjorie Bowden

AC410-01_Unit 5_Assignment_Marjorie Bowden - Of the main...

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AC410-01 Unit 5 Assignment Marjorie Bowden GEL – The Scientific Method A. Ask How is the economy going to effect the growth of since there are indications of the economy slowing down and expecting it to affect the products sold? Why is there a prediction on 20% increase in sales and 27% increase on profit seeing that the economy is slow? Where does the company expect the increase to come from if the economy is slowing down and expected to impact the products sold? B. Research Compare the affects of the economy on the similar companies.
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Unformatted text preview: Of the main five companies who make up 65% of all sales, will any of them be affected by the economy in a negative manner? If the other companies are affected by the economy, where does the company expect the growth to come from? C. Hypothesis If the economy affects the five companies which make up 65% of all sales in a negative manner, then the high-tech fiber optic gear manufacturing will also be affected in a negative manner....
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