History Unit 5 Assignment

History Unit 5 Assignment - After the Constitution was...

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After the Constitution was signed in 1787 the Constitution needed to be ratified by the states. The Constitution required nine states to ratify it and any states not a part of the Union would be considered separate countries. The Federalist and Anti-Federalist were on opposite sides of the same coin. There were several well known people that were a part of the Federalist group such as James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. These Federalist were in favor of the Constitution Ratification because they believed in strong federal government that would unite all the states as one nation. Federalist wanted to focus on the shortcomings of the national government under the Articles of Confederation and build on the benefits of the Constitution. They believed a central government would encourage the commercial growth of a new country. The Federalist didn’t see the farmers and tradesmen making the majority of the population, instead viewed it as comprising many different and competing groups, none of which would be
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History Unit 5 Assignment - After the Constitution was...

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