LesleyChubick_CM220-20_Unit7_SeminarAlternative_Comp II

LesleyChubick_CM220-20_Unit7_SeminarAlternative_Comp II - I...

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Lesley Chubick CM220-20 College Composition II Unit 7 Seminar Alternative
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The type of technology I’m going to use for my presentation is going to be a power point. I prefer this for the topic of “Why are schools closing or consolidating and is it necessary”? I believe in a presentation a person should use power point. I’m a traditionalist in this type of media. I do, however, like the idea of a web page or blog but am unsure of how my information would be any different than the power point. I believe the appearance and the functionality would come across the same and in some ways be more difficult.
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Unformatted text preview: I like the progression of each slide having a visual image that relates to your topic and a message or your point of view worded next to it. Each slide will fade in or flip across as the presentation is presented. I realize that we are supposed to submit our presentation so the professor can import the presentation into power point and examine each slide. When I do a presentation I like to set a timing of about 3 to 4 seconds for the slide and have the slide show run automatically when clicked on. I believe this gives less effort for a person to view the power point....
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LesleyChubick_CM220-20_Unit7_SeminarAlternative_Comp II - I...

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