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Lesley Chubick College Composition 2 Unit 1 Seminar CM220-20 1. Since this is a progressive accumulation of assignments over several units moving towards the final paper, are we going to cover how to integrate each piece together so the final paper flows? 2. Will be discuss more on the two different types of writing styles? I am an informal writing so formal writing is a different world. 3. Why are we subscribing to the New York Times for this writing class? Is there an underlying purpose or theme behind the New York Times we should be looking at for this class’s style of writing? 4. I see the chapters in the Doc. Share tab for chapter 1, 2 and 3 but nothing for the 8 and 15 mentioned in the seminar. Where can I find them or am I just missing something? The blog I visited is not a posting on just one big idea but appears to be a culmination of many ideas and opinions. The blog address I’m referring to is
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Unformatted text preview: http://getbigideas.blogspot.com/ and is called Get the Big Ideas. I have to say I enjoyed most of the postings on this blog. The publisher posts news articles and videos and then gives her opinion on what was said in the previously posted story. If I were to do a blog I would fallow this foundation but not have such a religious position. I enjoyed the quick search on the right hand side with brief topics and how many articles those topics were mentioned. Below each blog is a link to post comments on the articles by people that have logged in or registered on the site. Overall I don’t see much I would like to change on the site. I would change a few things so that it reflected a little more of my interests such as color and wipe out the religious aspect. In all I think it’s a good site and I marked it in my favorites....
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