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Chapter 10 Summary PHY111

Chapter 10 Summary PHY111 - understanding The different...

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There were several main points to chapter ten. They were elastic, shear, and volume deformations. Chapter ten also included damped, forced, and resonance oscillations. It also talked about the pendulum, stress and strain, and Hooke’s law. Lastly, simple harmonic motion was discussed in chapter ten. I enjoyed learning about the different deformations. I enjoy doing many sports including auto racing and it was nice to gain a better understanding of some of the changes that tires and other parts go through during a race. I did not really like all of the difference formulas that are involved with the process. I think it was difficult to understand but after it was explained differently I had a better
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Unformatted text preview: understanding. The different types of oscillations are confusing me. I am having a tough time understanding the differences between them. I think that once we go over these in class I will have a better understanding of them and how to differentiate them. I understood Hooke’s law fairly well. It was simple to understand and did not take a lot of math in order to do. The formula was fairly simple and the concept was easy to understand. I am still having a tough time understanding all of the different symbols that are being used in this chapter. Mainly I do not understand what the little w symbolizes....
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