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fishkills - the bangus and tilapia People are now afraid to...

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Juan Manuel C. Avila It is truly an unfortunate event that these fish kills are happening in our country today. To see our fellow fisher countrymen slowly losing their main source of income is one sight I cannot stand. To see them on TV or newspaper or in some other form of media that as they are having a hard time coping with their daily lives, it's getting worse after the incident. Another unfortunate thing is that even though reported fish kills were only in some areas, other sources of fish are also being affected and the word fish is almost being synonymous with fish kill even though it is far from the reported ares. Because of this, other suppliers which are not affected by the fish kill incident are slowly getting affected. Even other kinds and breeds of fished are being affected even if the only reported kinds are
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Unformatted text preview: the bangus and tilapia. People are now afraid to buy fishes now because of the fear that it might have come from the fish kill incident. I agree with the Catholic bishops. That there won't be any changes or we won't start seeing any if we don't change ourselves. It is alright to consume things but we start being greedy or consume what is more than enough for us, that is when things would get out of hand. The article was also right in saying there would be no technical solution to this problem. There's no way for scientists to take care of this. We must act as one and start the change within ourselves to see the results that we want to have....
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