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Participative Leadership style Mr. Manny Natividad, Talent Management head of Cigne, a Human resources allocation company, believes that letting the employees think of their own solutions to the company's problems boosts their participation and their ability to become leaders. Speaking their minds, making joint decisions, handling projects (whether major or minor) by delegation, and even questioning the flow of thought of the manager serve as appropriate ways that employees/team members can play an active role in building Cigne to be a first class human resources firm. For example, during meetings, Mr. Natividad opens the floor for discussion among his subordinates to deliberate and express ways to make the company more profitable and improve employee welfare. In order to boost the morale of the company's officer and members, Mr. Natividad clarifies what his staff do
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Unformatted text preview: not know of by providing the proper training and guidance so that they can gain the experience and knowledge necessary to apply at work in Cigne and elsewhere. Consultative Leadership Style Mr. Natividad believes that he is not knowledgable in all matters and values the knowledge of his employees in the work place and in every business activity Cigne is involved in or organizes. This reason is why he asks advice from his co-managers and empolyees whom he considers as his confidants, particularly in matters that he is not that confident in handling by himself. He considers his confidants as worthy assets and friends in Cigne for they are reliable with first hand experience and have the right information in matters that he is unfamiliar with, helping him decide better for the best of Cigne....
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