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SCIENVB AY 2011-2012 SCIENVB PORTFOLIO Jonalyn R. Napilitan AB PSYCHOLOGY Mr. Jose Mari B. Gonzales Lecturer II. Introduction It’s been so ironic that Science had been one of my weaknesses knowing that I came from a Science high school. When I first knew that I was going to have a science subject during my first term, fear is going onto my mind. All I know that I was going to have so much difficulty taking this course. Although biology was taken during high school, which I found to be complicated came out to be the opposite. During the term of learning about science or what we call the course as SCIENVB made me easy to understand the concept of biology. I had a chance to have a glimpse and feel of the real environment when we had a field trip in Laguna. Having this recreational activity in our course made us to appreciate our nature.
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development has led to depletion of resources, scarcity of power and water, pollution, global warming and natural disasters on a large scale. To preserve the environment and conserve nature, we can take few steps at our individual level. Small initiatives will also go a long way in saving our environment. The way that our professor handled the course for us was really great and full of excitement. He made more convenient for us to understand the course very well, explaining thoroughly the different topics and concepts about SCIENVB making me realize that there were things in life that may seem so hard to understand, but when you tried to uncover the mysteries which made it looks difficult, you might find it more interesting to learn. III. Personal Essay Reasons why Filipinos (or whatever your nationality is) will survive global climate change- perspectives in the business industry! By the technology we have nowadays, information about global climate change is properly disseminated throughout the different parts of the world. We can say that we, Filipinos are now aware of how much our country is affected by the Global warming. However, no matter how this caused different changes in our country such as sudden change in temperatures and weather causing great floods and landslides, we could still have the chance to prevent this from happening. Our government has taken different actions and evaluation in order to prevent a greater damage on our environment. Different sectors of our government have unique strategies and provided alternative solutions to prepare for whatever calamities that our countries would encounter in the future. Trainings and seminars are continuously given to rescuers of different government offices to provide advanced technique of rescuing. On the other hand, we Filipinos should take our counterpart in making our
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scienvbportfolio - SCIENVB AY 2011-2012 SCIENVB PORTFOLIO...

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