LBYME16-Expt 6 Ventura

LBYME16-Expt 6 Ventura - D e La Salle University College of...

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De La Salle University College of Engineering Mechanical Engineering Department Ventura, Raissa LBYME16 EE1 I. Title of Experiment: Experiment Number 6: An Apparatus for Visual Observation of Fluid Flow II. Analysis and Conclusion: This experiment has two main objectives; the first objective being to differentiate between turbulent and viscous flow by the flow pattern and the friction head. The second objective is determining the critical value of the Reynolds number through visual observation and by friction head measurements. With a thin injection of dye into the clear pipeline, one is able to visually observe the type of flow occurring within the tube when the velocity of the water varies. A laminar flow creates a smooth thin line and is seen during steady speeds but during velocity increase, the dye mixes in with the water and this mixing can be observed to be the transition to turbulent flow. The calculation to achieve the critical value of Reynolds number was done through the use of the data gathered. Determination of the type of flow can be done by means of observation of the behavior of the dye in the tube. The results allow the group to conclude that with increase in the velocity of the fluid, the behavior of the flow is from laminar to
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LBYME16-Expt 6 Ventura - D e La Salle University College of...

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