Syllabus - MATH 1009* Section D (Winter 2011) Calculus with...

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MATH 1009* Section D (Winter 2011) Calculus with Applications to Business and Economics Instructor : Dr. Deping Ye Contact: Office: 4260 HP (Herzberg Physics), Phone : (613) 520 -2600, ext. 2123, Email : Students may see the instructor in the math library (4317 HP) during these hours: Monday 1:30-3:00pm, Wednesday 3:00 - 4:30pm. If the hours are inconvenient, email the instructor to schedule an appointment. Note that emails later than 10:00pm may not be replied in time. Updated information and adjustments for this course will be posted to WebCT and/or be announced in advance during our normal lectures. It is each student’s responsibility to find out those updated information and adjustments. You may also visit the websites of Dr. E. Devdariani (the course coordinator) for more course material. Her websites are: ; . Textbook: Elementary Calculus with Applications (Lecture Notes) , by E. Devdariani The textbook shall be available at the Campus Bookstore (probably after the Christmas Break) and at Haven Books , 43 Seneca Street, (613) 730-9888. (5-minute walk from campus, two blocks from Bronson along Sunnyside.) Prerequisites: Ontario Grade 12 Mathematics: Advanced Functions, or an OAC in Calculus; or MATH 0007; or equivalent. Lectures for Section D begin on Monday, January 3, 2011, and then every Monday and Wednesday 6:05 - 7:25 pm, in Steacie Building 103 . Winter break: February 21-25, classes are suspended. Tutorials: begin on the second week of classes. On the tutorial sessions the students are expected to work in small groups or individually on specific problems. A Teaching Assistant (TA) will be present, to answer questions and to administer the tests. The TAs for this course are TBA. (1)
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Syllabus - MATH 1009* Section D (Winter 2011) Calculus with...

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