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Open book, closed notes 1. [3x2.5 points] Calculate the following: a) Verify that the dew point temperature of equi-molar vapor mixture of n-hexane and n-heptane under a pressure of 368 mmHg absolute is around 65 o C. b) Bubble point pressure of an equi-molar liquid mixture of toluene and benzene at 60 o C. c) In sub-question a , if the vapor mixture is contaminated with some (i.e., 2%) air, how would you expect the dew point pressure to change under the same system temperature (i.e., increase or decrease)? 2. [3x2.5 points] From one of the steam Tables in the text book (i.e., Table B5, B6, or B7), determine the following: a) Saturated steam under an absolute pressure of 10 bar: determine its temperature and specific volume. Also determine its specific internal energy and specific enthalpy relative to those of liquid water under its critical point; b) Liquid water at a temperature of 50 o C and an absolute pressure of 20 bar: determine its specific enthalpy; c) If steam tables from other reference books are used for the values of specific internal energy
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