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i'm nobody who are you

i'm nobody who are you - 1 Im nobody Who are you Bethany...

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1 “I’m nobody! Who are you?” Bethany Fargher Instructor Heather AltfeldFisher ENG125: Introduction to Literature January 31, 2011
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2 “I’m nobody! Who are you?” I'm nobody! Who are you? Are you– Nobody–Too? “Then there's a pair of us!” Don't tell! They’d advertise, you know. How dreary–to be– Somebody! How public–like a frog– To tell one's name– the livelong June– To an admiring bog! I’m nobody who are you is a poem about being a women being a no body. The women in the story ask us as a reader who we are. She wants to know if we are a no body to. If so they there is a pair of us. With her putting exclamation points around then there’s a pair of us shows she is excited that they are a part of the failed couple. This poem is a comical poem but yet not a comedy for pleasure. Dickinson’s tone is light, and her childish voice invites the reader to be on her side of being a no body. To me Dickinson is
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