stereotype - 1 Rhetoric Stereotypes Bethany Fargher...

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1 Bethany Fargher Instructor Anthony Biduck PHI103: Informal Logic November 29, 2010
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2 A stereotype is popular belief about specific social groups or types of individuals. Stereotypes are known for having an overall effect on the public. The rhetoric that surrounds them is generally a negative function, even if its in a positive way. There are four groups of people who have been portrayed in some way these groups are politicians, feminists, tattooed person, and senior citizens. For example politicians are thought of hypocritical, and dishonest con artists. Feminists seen to be self centered, man hating people. Tattooed persons are considered criminals, and gang related. Senior citizens get treated different because of hard hearing, bad drivers, and bad memory. These are some of the different stereotypes because they are “thought or images based on little or no evidence. Some of the stereotypes I personally think are just flat out rude and should not even be thought in a persons mind. Stereotypes creep into the world though the media which would be negatives images of certain things. For instance on the show Americas most wanted when they show some criminal with tattoos that gives some people a mental picture that all criminals have tattoos. The news really gives us these negative images. Like showing an elderly person driving and forgets to stop at a stop sign and gets in an accident for any reason of I didn't see it,m or I forgot to stop or so on. They are discriminated for little thing like that. They way people talk about others is how the public sees these people, even if they
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stereotype - 1 Rhetoric Stereotypes Bethany Fargher...

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