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[A Visit with an Entrepreneur]

[A Visit with an Entrepreneur] - Yaunek Murray-2718046 ENT...

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Yaunek Murray-2718046 ENT 4113 U01B CHAPTER 1 EXERCISE 1 STEP 1: Carlos Mendez: VP Global Accounts @ Softtek STEP 2: So you did not start the company but you have worked there since the beginning, what was that like in those early stages? Local company Monterrey, Mexico, not a lot of products and services only software development, not enough infrastructure in terms of marketing and administration. Most of financial statements used Xcel. Did you have a strong leadership role at the start of Softtek? Have to show good performance in the beginning (1992) but after 3 years became a leader. 1st job with Softtek was based on software development and programming and after that became project manager, he took leadership of distinct business/financial unit in charge of measuring quotas in terms of people and resources. What is some advice you would give to an entrepreneur with an idea for a high-potential software program or application, seeking capital from your company? If they are trying to share some innovation would be to prepare the best business plan to share with the company board. Potential market, what investment ($) you need and why. Analysis of how the service will be success STEP 3: Did you know anyone growing up who had their own business? In what ways did they influence you? Have you met any other business owners (on a personal level) since you turned 21? Former president from Softtek, energy and approach and serving model implemented to explode the company, he inspired many in the company by making the pie bigger. Going in, what type of education did you have and how was it helpful in your position? Had technical expertise but needed additional credentials to compete, decided to ask for permission for leave of absence to study a Masters at Boston College. Wanted to explore different environment, moved to U.S. to see if there was more stability Did you have a business or self employment as a youth? NO, figured if I put energy and focus in pursuit of gaining experience I would get what I needed later. Did you have any sales or marketing experience and how important was this to get the ball rolling? NONE, I was very technical, with software and programming What were your goals and lifestyle needs, or other personal requirements? How did you fit them together? To have ability to be dynamic and flexible, because I liked to do a lot. When he found Softtek I saw that he could pursue specific goals: such as gaining experience in global market and learning different market structures. Next step is to reach a deal in amounts of 40 or 50 million.
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Yaunek Murray-2718046 ENT 4113 U01B CHAPTER 1 EXERCISE 1 Did you have a start-up business plan of any kind? If so please tell me about it. NO only 19 and almost in the middle of major and was not thinking of anything other than learning and experience.
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