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Yaunek Murray Panther ID: 2718046 PHI 2600 Ethics Paper 3: Hardin vs. Singer After reading the provided articles discussing global justice and world poverty, I took special interest in Garrett Hardin’s piece about “lifeboat ethics.” Although Peter Singer made an exceptional argument regarding global famine and affluence, I hold the stance that certain aspects of his theory put unrealistic expectations on individuals in an intricate and complicated global society. However, in spite of my pre-conceived notions, I will view and discuss both articles using a utilitarian scope. In Singer’s article he presents an intuitively appealing theory. He forms his theory around the simple and virtually unarguable notion: Suffering and death from lack of food, shelter, and medical care are bad. Anyone who values human life would have to agree with this statement. His next premise is that if possible one should, by any means, help to prevent such circumstances, if not sacrificing anything of greater or equal moral importance. If someone were
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