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History Notes Morrill Act (May, 1862)- Land Grant Universities, made for the study of science in agriculture and mechanical arts. Public land for the colleges. Research in ag and mech. Pacific RR Act (May, 1862)- Railroad to the west in order to move farmers and their crops to the markets. Another tech. change that made farming in the west possible. The railroad also brought farmers to the west. The Homestead Act (May, 1862)- Provided free land to those who wanted it in the west. The government originally wanted to make money by selling the land and the Homestead act was a reversal of this idea. Wanted to get farmers out to the plains. o 160 acres to anyone of age male or female, citizen or non-citizen o Develop land and “prove up”. The responsibility of the owner was to make it into livable workable land. As long as the person did this, they
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Unformatted text preview: could “prove up” and pay a filling fee and the land would be theirs. o There were problems. Climate, 160 acres of land wasn’t enough for grazing. The land wasn’t the best land- the railroads had taken some of the best land as well as settlers who came out earlier, a lot of people failed in homesteading. • Timber Culture Act (1870s) • Planting trees can get you more land • Planting more trees would helt to change the climate and would help bring water into the air. • Over time, if the trees were planted the climate would change • For a while it looked like It might be happening • Fundamental musunderstanding of the Great Plains – Thinking “eastern” but having to live “western” • Ferdinand Hayden – Lef the governmental survey...
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