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Geology: Glaciers About 70% of earths freshwater is stored in glaciers Glaciers are sensitive to climate change and also influence climate Mountain glaciers: flow from higher elevations to lower elevations and can take several forms. Continental glaciers (ice sheets): flow outward from their thickest point over vast areas on continents. (Big as fuck) Glaciers form wherever some snow remains all year round. Snow Line: elevation in mountainous regions above which some snow
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Unformatted text preview: remains all year round. Snow to glacial ice: Firn-packed snow then turns into Glacial Ice- interlocking ice crystals Glacial ice is blue Basal sliding: meltwater accumulates at the base of a glacier & the ice slides over this meltwater layer. MOVES Internal flow: ice crystals ductiely deform and slide past one another BOTH mechanisms can operate at the same time...
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