advert - Deceptive advertising what constitutes deceptive...

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Advertising 230 Exam 1 Review List The exam is 50 questions in multiple choice, t/f, short essay, and fill-in format. Overall, the exam covers the material from the beginning of the semester through last week's lectures on economics, ethics and regulation. The following areas are among those covered by the exam…. Advertising expenditures how much per person is spent on advertising? Where does the money go? Advertising history when did ads get started? Agency compensation how do agencies make money, in the past and in current times? Agency holding companies what are they? How did get started? Brand equity what is it? Brand typology example: package goods, durables, service Branding what is it? How did it develop over time? Caveat emptor meaning and implications Cease and desist what is it? Who can issue one? Challenges facing advertising what's making the world a tough place for advertising? Consent decree what is it? CRM what is it? Why should advertising care about CRM?
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Unformatted text preview: Deceptive advertising? what constitutes deceptive advertising? Why should we care? Ethics in advertising what are ethics? How do they relate to advertising? IMC what is it? marketing what is the relationship of marketing to advertising? marketplace of ideas what is it? mass market what elements are required for advertising? media use how is media use changing? How do those changes affect advertising? models of economic impact what are they? What are their implications? positioning what is it? pre-emption what is it? puffery what is it? Is it legal or not? push media vs pull media what are they? regulation does the 1st amendment cover ads? sales promotion trade promotion vs. consumer promotion. How does it work soft sell vs. hard sell what are they? stereotypes what are they? Are they legal in advertising? Superbrands what are they? UPC implications of UPC code for advertising...
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advert - Deceptive advertising what constitutes deceptive...

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