Marketing Plan Target Market

Marketing Plan Target Market - company. The final...

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Marketing Plan Target market
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Target Market The target market for HO Craftsman Rolling-stock models is those interested in HO scale model railroading equipment from the 1920 to 1950 timeframe. This target market is estimated at more than 150,000 modelers, primarily male, ages, 35 to 75. There will be three sub-markets within this target market. The first of these is active modelers who are presently scratch-builders of plastic rolling-stock and plastic or wooden structures. This group comprises approximately 60% of the total target market and has the tools and the skills necessary to successfully build a craftsman level wooden rolling-stock model. HO Craftsman Rolling-stock will target these modelers with quality and customization options. The second sub- market is those active modelers who do not utilize craftsman level skills in any way. They comprise about 5% of the total market. HO Craftsman Rolling-stock will appeal to them through the customer service and modeling assistance features of the
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Unformatted text preview: company. The final sub-market is comprised of inactive model railroaders. They are inactive for a variety of reasons. The most common is lack of space. In general, this sub-market is constantly looking for a way to become active in the hobby. They mostly read industry publications and dream about what they will do when they get the space necessary for their layout. HO Craftsman Rolling-stock will appeal to them by showing them how easy it is to start making their dreams come true. In addition, HO Craftsman Rolling-stock will put their brand in front of wood craftsman in other hobby groups by having their website link posted on the web page of suppliers who market to multiple hobby groups. For this group, and in all marketing, the main messages will be the initial quality of the product in unfinished form, the realism and quality of the finished model, and the assistance available to get from one to the other....
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Marketing Plan Target Market - company. The final...

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