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Liles.Jeremy.Homework 1

Liles.Jeremy.Homework 1 - district gets as much potential...

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Jeremy Liles August 21, 2011 Law of Unintended Consequences The government should stay away from all policies that affect business. They show no hint of knowledge or expertise in American business. The Government, regardless, tries to control all business and our economy. This is an impossible task and cannot be done. There are thousands of inputs and outputs that feed the business and economic system. If a desired outcome occurs, it is more than likely due to luck. The more likely result of the government’s handlings of our business system is a set of much bigger problems that never occurred to them. Corporate lobbyists, unions, and special interests of the public buy votes for government officials. Officials are constantly running for re-election, raising money and handing out goodies to their potential voters. The only feedback they care about is their standing in the polls and the amount of money they’ve raised. Their only incentive is to get re-elected by insuring that their
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Unformatted text preview: district gets as much potential spending money as possible. They do this by selling their votes. A perfect example of Law of Unintended Consequences is the recent mandated 0% interest rate within markets or the manipulations within the auto industry. Causing consumers to spend more and to borrow more. The original intention may have been to help the market but only increased national debt. Consumer spending makes the most of all market spending. Government spending makes up little. President Obama and out government has an enormous dilemma in trying to revive this economy. The American consumer has borrowed from their homes and credit cards to fuel a colossal spending spree in the last twenty years and the American debt today seems too much to revive. All do to the government trying to control or make rules within the business market....
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