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ETF final report 08-09

ETF final report 08-09 - 2008-09 Final Educational...

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2008-09 Final Educational Technology Fee Expenditure Report College of Natural Resources 1) Categorized ETF Expenditure Summary – $363,240.55 (includes $22,190 1-time alloc) a) Personnel - $142,144.47 39.1% $138,361.24 professional support staff $3,783.23 work-study staff b) IT Infrastructure equipment and services - $111,350.30 30.7% c) Non-IT infrastructure, equipment - $64,716.47 17.8% d) Facilities - $823.86 0.2% e) Discipline/instructional related field trips, etc. - $2,874.30 0.7% f) Other/miscellaneous - $41,358.15 11.4% (“consumable” lab and field educational supplies) 2) Justification/Purpose of Expenditures – Strategic Overview a) New and/or transformative initiatives undertaken with ETF: The following college and departmental acquisitions represent the growth and innovation required to sustain the hands-on learning with relevant technology in the CNR majors . o Computer lab/classroom upgrades – College-level purchases : 14 desktop computers were replaced in small graduate student clusters and 8 were replaced in the GIS computer lab, based on a 4+ year replacement cycle. 15 laptops and 13 pod station computers were replaced in 2 of our flexible landscape “podding” classrooms. Substantial investments occurred in GIS IT purchases and software upgrades for use in graduate courses associated with DE Masters programming being developed. ($45,000) Two additional classrooms were upgraded with flatscreen displays – in one room to enhance visibility due to size of the room and in the other room to replace old analog technology that was difficult for students to read. The latter room now also has the capability to be used in a pod-style format for group work and presentations. ($8,500) A CNR-wide license for Camtasia Relay software has enabled the installation of lecture recording software on all CNR classroom and lab computers. Faculty have used the software to record and upload course content to course websites for face to face courses as well as distance education courses. In addition, some students have recorded presentations themselves and posted them online as part of their course assignments. ($6,250) o The Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources utilized its ETF allocation on equipment to be used by students in all of the Department’s curricula. ETF funds are essential for keeping our laboratories supplied with up-to-date equipment and software that is used by professionals in the various fields. IT infrastructure, equipment and services $11,210 software licenses 0 Non-IT infrastructure, equipment $24,928+$12,000 for Fisheries & Wildlife Science Woodstock software ($4500) is forest modeling software that can be applied to any forest planning situation - inventory projections, long-term harvest schedules, land or 1
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silviculture investment queries, biodiversity and wildlife habitat evaluations, compliance certification standards and much more. Students in multiple courses (undergraduate and graduate) can use this software. In June 2009 NC State became one of Remsoft's Educational Partners.
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