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Activity Report for Academic Affairs/IT Unit College of Natural Resources Associate Dean, Academic Affairs Period Covered: Academic year 2007-2008 May 19, 2008 1. Accomplishments of the Academic Affairs Unit Recruiting of undergraduate students o Overall new student applications are up by 2.6%, primarily in SMT. In spite of a second successful high school summer camp, new freshman applications in FER are up only 5.5%. o AA piloted an instant messaging system to allow students and parents to correspond with us easily. Developed the 1 st CNR Parents Newsletter which is to be sent electronically soon. o Implemented additional visitation days to accommodate the new decision schedule imposed by Admissions. Received very favorable reviews, particularly from parents for the CNR events. o I attended Southern region meeting of NAUPRA in Chicago, CNR will participate in marketing studies on natural resource recruitment with other southern universities. If those plans do not develop quickly, we will explore doing our own study. Curriculum and Instruction o Worked with FER and PRT to develop plans for Engaged College Project, which is clearly showing growth with the current approach of a designated project area that provides a platform for all programs in the college to develop service learning programs around o Worked with FER, PRT, and GIS faculty to move the DE masters proposals forward. Have not receive any establishment documents yet. o Worked with WPS to develop the 3+2 Chinese program; MOU developed but not completed at this point. May look for other Paper Science Programs to offer collaboration and will be continuing communications with PRT and FER about their interests. o IT staff developed plans and oversaw implementation of the new computer lab/flexible teaching space in Jordan II. Currently there is greater demand for those flexible space than there are rooms. o In addition, a Polycom teleconferencing system is being used in some DE classes, as well as Eluminate and OIT Classroom Capture o Working with programs to transition to new GEP requirements, including fostering the development of new courses that will fulfill the interdisciplinary and US diversity requirements, including attended the Interdisciplinary Symposium o Currently have 7 students participating in the CNR Honors Program o Hired Charlie Morris, DE Coordinator/Webmaster to work with faculty on using technology in various teaching/learning pedagogies. o Worked with Terrie Litzenberger to develop an ET articulation agreement with 1
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Pamlico Community College which was signed in January 2008. o Constituted a Strategic Planning Committee for CNR Classrooms to assess the evolving needs for number of seats, layout of furniture, and types of technology in our classrooms. Initial issues are BI 2006 and BI 2221; the latter has a donor to perform upgrades. Information Technology
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PR2B07 - Activity Report for Academic Affairs/IT Unit...

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