PR2B09-10 - Activity Report for Academic Affairs/IT Unit...

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Activity Report for Academic Affairs/IT Unit and Adrianna G. Kirkman College of Natural Resources Period Covered: Academic year 2009-2010 May 28, 2010 1. Accomplishments and current status of plans for the Academic Affairs/IT Unit Service in support of curriculum and instruction o Completed course and curricular actions for the 2 new DE Masters programs, EA and GIST, and for revision of the PRT Masters to a DE format. With final approvals recently received, I have worked with the DHs and program directors on developing administrative guidelines to ensure smooth academic service in admission of students, scheduling of courses, and appropriate accounting for shared programs between 2 or more departments. This is ongoing currently. o Special study abroad programs: Worked with Erin Sills and Graduate School to renew MOU with the Peace Corp for the FER Masters International. Program is serving as a campus model for the development of a general MOU to be used across NCSU by interested partnering programs. Completed 2 dual degree programs sponsored by Atlantis projects: BS in Paper Science with 2 universities in Finland and 1 in Germany; Masters program in Forestry with 1 university in Finland and 1 in Sweden. Exchanges are in place for this fall. Working with Karen Helm to ensure SACS approval of these programs o Continued to provide support for the Engaged College Project with remaining funds returned to the college from the Provost’s Office. FER and PRT are continuing and adding to their previous activities, FER has added new ones with their revision of their NR 100 course which is required of all of the FER new freshmen. WP implement an SL activity with Habitat for Humanity. o Graduated 2 students participating in the CNR Honors Program; recruited 4 into the program. o Classroom upgrades: BI 2221 renovation was completed using donor funds; laptop carts were purchased to service that room and others in the Robertson Wing. Converted BI 2006 into a pod-style classroom using 4 new articulating flat panel displays and removed cabinets to allow for more room to move into group arrangements. Renovation of BI 2104 was completed last summer and has been well-
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PR2B09-10 - Activity Report for Academic Affairs/IT Unit...

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