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ASPSA ETF 2009-2010 Proposal

ASPSA ETF 2009-2010 Proposal - He/she would constantly...

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ACADEMIC SUPPORT FOR STUDENT ATHLETES 2009-2010 ETF PROPOSAL – DIVISION OF UNDERGRADUATE ACADEMIC PROGRAMS How Funds Will be Used Academic Support for Student Athletes will use the funds to hire a half time person who would work with the newly purchased equipment and help students with their own PCs. The cost would be $23,149.20. Unity Lab Optiplex 760 – 27 computers @ $893.30 each = $24,119.10 for Case Academic Center computer lab. Unity Lab Optiplex 760 – 18 computers @ $893.30 each = $16,079.40 for Weisiger-Brown computer lab. Laptop Latitude E6500 15 inch display = $1,352.50 Impact on Student Education and Program The newly hired person would help manage and maintain the labs and laptops.
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Unformatted text preview: He/she would constantly check for updates in software, hardware problems and maintain printers for all of the three labs maintained by Academic Support for Student Athletes. Equipment Replacing Existing Equipment N/A Type and Number of Equipment Requested N/A Level of Students Using Equipment Student Athletes Approximate Number of Students Who Will Use Equipment During One Year N/A Approximate Number of Times Per Year Students Will Use Equipment The three computer labs are always open. Any Matching Funds Proposed? How Will Equipment Be Sustained?...
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