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CVM 1x 2009-10 - MEMORANDUM To Vicki Pennington Marc Hoit...

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MEMORANDUM To: Vicki Pennington, Marc Hoit From: David Bristol RE: CVM One Time ETF requests Date: August 28, 2009 Attached are the one-time ETF funding requests from the College of Veterinary Medicine. I met with the college’s Student Advisory Committee, which includes the president and vice president of each class and the Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Associations president and vice-president to discuss ETF needs and these proposals. While several other submissions were received, these will have the greatest educational impact. The classroom capture request is a student originated request that has a lot of student enthusiasm and support. College priority: 1. Classroom Capture 2. Microscopes 3. Wolfvision visualizers 4. Observational cameras 5.
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College of Veterinary Medicine One time ETF request: Classroom capture Short description of how the equipment will be used (250 words or less) The college is requesting 3 Mediasite RL recorders which will be placed in the three major classrooms (North and South theaters and D-239). The devices will be used to record all lectures and demonstrations for veterinary students in these classrooms. Recordings will be accessible through course websites on the site. In addition to the course sites already at, additional links will be provided for non-course related learning activities (board reviews, special presentations, seminars, etc.) that occur in these classrooms Impact on the student education and program the equipment will have: The equipment will allow students to review any presentation from their educational experience. The location on the site allows veterinary students from any class to review the material, regardless if they are currently enrolled in the course. Thus seniors can review key presentations before examining a patient with a known disorder. The equipment will allow students to review those sections of lectures containing material they may not fully understand, improving their learning outcomes. The equipment will allow seniors who are off site (externship programs, rotations at other university hospitals, vacation blocks) to obtain material from licensing board reviews that occur when they are out of town. It will allow students that are absent from class for any reason (sickness, family emergencies) to experience the class presentations. It will also allow greater participation of all
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CVM 1x 2009-10 - MEMORANDUM To Vicki Pennington Marc Hoit...

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