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IAA ETF1XRequest2010

IAA ETF1XRequest2010 - North Carolina State University is a...

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North Carolina State University is a land- Institute for Advanced Analytics grant university and a constituent institution 920 Main Campus Drive, Suite 530 of The University of North Carolina Raleigh, North Carolina 27606 919.513.3940 (phone) 919.513.2994 (fax) analytics.ncsu.edu MEMORANDUM T O : Vicki Pennington, Assistant Vice Provost F ROM : Kathy Green, Administrative Officer/Admissions Coordinator R E : FY2010 Educational Technology Fund One-Time Funding Request D ATE : August 31, 2009 A critical component of the IAA’s Master of Science in Analytics program is instruction in, and use of industry-standard software tools to analyze very large data sets. Students conduct sophisticated statistical analyses using software such as SAS, ArcGIS, SPSS and Excel, installation of which requires standardized equipment technical specifications. Further, a variety of industry sponsors provide proprietary and confidential corporate data (under nondisclosure agreements) for student practicum projects. Effectively securing this data requires enterprise level security solutions. Students currently use their own laptops to
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