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Unformatted text preview: NCSU Libraries - ETF One-time Funding Request, 2009/10 August 31, 2009 The NCSU Libraries would like to request $25,000 in one-time ETF funds for 2009/10 to purchase an easy-to-use scanning kiosk that can immediately save/send documents to a USB drive, FTP site, or via email. This equipment has been requested emphatically by students. • Short description of how the equipment will be used (250 words or less) The walk-up scanning kiosk offers alternatives to photocopying information and study materials from books, journals, or other sources to paper when that is not the user’s preferred format. It would be used to digitize and save/send documents, audio, or images to a USB drive, FTP site, network printer, or email application for computer/laptop access. With the ability to convert text to audio formats, this equipment also facilitates accessibility for the visually impaired. • Impact on the student education and program the equipment will have The availability of this equipment in the library’s public area, where thousands of students work and...
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