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Request for One-time ETF funding for the 2009-10 Academic Year Requesting unit : Office of Information Technology Project: Supplemental Funding for Wireless Networking Short Description: The Office of Information Technology (ComTech) is requesting $50,000 in one- time ETF funding to further expand the campus wireless network. The seven academic buildings targeted for this work are Park Shops, Weaver Labs, BTEC, and Research Buildings I-IV. Impact: Wireless access remains a high priority among students, and availability of the campus wireless network has a direct role in providing students with access to academic content and tools. It is used for in-class and out of class access to learning and online learning activities, interactions with faculty and other students as well as direct learning activities. Is this equipment replacing existing equipment, or is it new equipment? Mixture of equipment as outlined in the next statement.
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Unformatted text preview: • Type and number of equipment: These projects are expected to require a total of 32 new physical network drops, 32 new wireless access points, 15 network switch upgrades, and 12 new uninterruptible power supplies. • Level of students: All levels of students will have access to this service. • Approximate number of students who will use this equipment during one year: We anticipate that over one thousand students will utilize this capability given the number and type of buildings included in this request. • Matching funds? This particular request will supplement approximately $83,000 in funding from the ComTech operating budget to provide necessary infrastructure and equipment for 7 academic buildings. • How will equipment be sustained? Equipment refresh is handled by the ComTech operating budget with priorities heavily influenced by the Infrastructure Subcomittee of the University’s IT Committee....
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