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Biological Anthropology Notes 4

Biological Anthropology Notes 4 - Biological Anthropology...

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Biological Anthropology Notes October 16, 2006 - Next Monday, midterm o Make sure to get the red scantron that says Parscore #f288 - Chapter 4 in ‘Human Species’ is moved to the final - Population genetics and evolution o Hardy-Weinberg model of genetic equilibrium o Natural selection Differential reproduction Sexual selection o Gene drift The random loss of alleles over time Chance takes on gene frequencies Strongest effects on small populations Intergenerational drift o Chance events in recombination that affect gene frequencies o Founder effect Type of gene drift in which gene frequencies are altered in small populations that are non-random samples of large samples o Gene flow Migration of alleles between population o Mutation Random genetic ‘accidents’ - Sickle cell anemia o Genetic background 2 alleles AA – normal hemoglobin, normal red blood cells AS – Mosaicism – 60 % hemoglobin normal, 40% sickle variety
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