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lab1 - m i X s L 2‘ “ZQQEQ ‘ The purpose oFfl/w‘s...

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Unformatted text preview: m i X' s L 2‘ “ZQQEQ ‘ _ The; purpose oFfl/w‘s Inveshgahrm is +1: creme om esHiir W aifétrenl— carboxyh'c acids and alcohols and omen/mg 'H'Ifi. pmduds phvsmal pmperh'es. mgfiflgfls 1‘ A [212a raw 6 2952,9535 ‘ 4! +Cskiub€s . Salim/GHQ Gad - £30 mL. beaker - SUtflmc 00d - “thermosra Fed mm $501+) - Ghamm 00d - 46H Ice mam mm o memo not ' Said-q beaker -' (amino! - Small beaJCEV - ymcfinmrlabumnm - _MICYOp].p€1fC - bU‘MflC 001d . ' pmpanotc (Lid Q I NlmL o? carboch aod Cig if +h€ acid was send) om Nlml. of alcohol was added +0- 0 +6.51 +ube. - 9) 5—9 drops QC emot/L Swfianc gag LOGS coded by 0 Rather- +O+fne +CS+ mice,- 5) 5+ch 1 'é 2 We fiflmercd for each oflme alcohol—0001 combiM‘HWS . a) T€S+ “lube; were 0th +0 aishflgmisv) bEtDinefl diflorml" alcohcl—oo‘d comblnohcms. S”) The «5+ huge: were was Pom/wed by me @me acid der'wofive- a) The +cs+ mbes were. engaged on/ rabbcksmppd’ and . were [6er ommqlnh no) The Mexi— doY. fin: Odow’ of each estcrr W was moms! by carefully wthrq US fiJmC- “)1'1'16 componemfi 043 we Jrcsi' +ubcs were discarded mm confia‘mmrs Provided by me Rocker 4, ...
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