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lab2 - QKeIIgb(2 ”flaws:—.1 The swucmral formula For...

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Unformatted text preview: QKeIIgb (2. ”flaws:— . .1). The swucmral formula For eacn .QHWE carbomh‘c odds and omomfi used no {me ,em;.m€n+ '15. 5mm below, ‘—_> ma ham 0! H l _ H _—..§:—o.H CHaD H A 3—.m€+h\/|~l~ bmanm _, Saiicvdic odd ti o H @A _ /\OH ~9 €+hanoi C odd Am. '9 bumnc 00d Maw . —9 R’bmmic acid OH ./\O/ ...
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