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OM 368 Syllabus - Version OM 368 LOGISTICS AND INVENTORY...

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Version 08-23-11 1 OM 368: LOGISTICS AND INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Fall 2011 Unique No. 04200: MW 2:00 - 3:30PM in UTC 1.130 SYLLABUS Professor: Douglas Morrice Office Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 10:30- 11:30 am (or by appointment) Office: CBA 3.242 Mail Box: IROM Dept., CBA 5.202 Phone: 512-471-7857 Web: All web material is on Blackboard e-mail: [email protected] TA: Sebastian Souyris Office Hours: Tuesdays 4-5pm (or by appointment) Office: CBA 1.308E Phone: 512-471-1679 e-mail: [email protected] Mail Box: IROM Dept., CBA 5.202 This course is a follow up to the Operations Management course (OM 335 or OM335H). It delves deeper into the concepts of logistics and inventory management, specifically, forecasting, transportation, facility location, storage, and handling. Using case studies, skill building exercises, and industry guest speakers, the students will learn to apply the concepts listed above to real-life problems. COURSE DESCRIPTION COURSE OBJECTIVES The main objectives of this course are: To provide you with an understanding of the role and importance of logistics and inventory management in today’s successful product and service companies. To familiarize you with the basic logistics and inventory management concepts, techniques, and methods to solve strategic, tactical, and operational problems in the supply chain. To enhance your analytical skills to solve real-life logistics and inventory management problems. Prerequisites: OM335 or OM335H. This course is a mixture of lectures and case-discussions. The readings for the class come from the following sources: COURSE MATERIALS 1. Ballou, Ronald H. 2004. Business Logistics/Supply Chain Management , 5 th 2. Handouts from the Professor. Edition. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Peason/Prentice Hall. (This is the course textbook and will be referred to as the “Textbook” throughout the rest of this document. It is good, comprehensive introduction to business logistics management.) The course schedule at the end of this document lists, for every class session, the topic, readings, cases, assignments, and anything else of importance. Please read this schedule carefully before every session. If the schedule changes, I will provide updates. Because class time is our most precious and inelastic
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Version 08-23-11 2 resource, please come to every class prepared. Essential preparation includes reading the assigned readings and cases, doing the assignments, and bringing these resources and materials to each class. I will provide soft copies of the PowerPoint slides (and other materials available in electronic format) at Blackboard before each class session. The performance criteria are weighted as follows:
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OM 368 Syllabus - Version OM 368 LOGISTICS AND INVENTORY...

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