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CMS303M 9/3/09 NOTES Team Phases of Development Orientation Conflict o Substantive o Procedure o Resolution Reinforcement Roles: Task – Initiative, info giver, elaborator, orienteer, evaluator, recorder, procedural, technician. Social – Harmonizer, encourager, compromiser, tension reliever Individual – aggressor, blocker, recognition seeker, self-confessor, dominator, help-seeker, joker Indicators of (Un) Successful Teams Successful: o Themes and Identity o Enthusiasm and energy o Event-driven history o Personal Commitment o Optimism o Performance Results Unsuccessful: o Unclear goals o Changing objectives that were poorly communicated o Poor leadership o Lack of mutual accountability o Not prioritizing o Misunderstanding Roles o Too much unhealthy conflict o Structure  Interaction Managing Structure
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o Determine objectives for each meeting o Identify WHAT needs to be discussed to achieve the goal o Organize the agenda Managing Interaction Getting Started Generate creative ideas o Alex Ovborne’s brainstorming Downside: Production Blocking Downside: Evaluate apprehension Build Consensus o Be clear in communicating GOALS; make sure everyone is on board o Have a common enemy o Spent time together on both task and non-task activities Aim for Consensus Social Loafing o Make the work more interesting o Make work identifiable o Four-Step Process of Generating “Value” Decisions
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CMS303M - C MS303M NOTES Team Phases of Development...

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