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Unit 2 Project 1 Unit 2 Project: BankBoston Jasmine Good Kaplan University John Theodore August 7, 2011
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Unit 2 Project 2 The world’s population is more assorted than ever; with immigration of different cultures and races, even the descendants from an assortment of interracial relationships. He or she may bring an interesting point of view, a more an intricate level of creativity, or a unique perspective to the table as a result of having been raised in a multi-racial and/or multi-cultural environment. It is for that person and the rest of the working public that companies have begun to embrace and nurture diversity within their organizations. Diversity is an issue that has become increasingly important as part of 21 st century business, leading many companies to rewrite their mission statements to include a pledge to make diversity management a priority. What companies need to realize today, is that diversity is more than an “issue,” that needs attention, but a necessity to grow business. Since a company’s most important asset is their human capital, the recognition and inclusion of every employee allows the capturing of perspectives from different kinds and types of people encouraging acceptance and respect among them and creating opportunities to learn from one another. BankBoston faces the same challenges as many other organizations specifically, “high turnover, high absenteeism, and low productivity,” (Arthur, 2001). However, their management of diversity has begun to reverse many of these problems. Diversity among their employee pool has benefited them through greater creativity, increased productivity, as well as employee satisfaction and workplace loyalty among their employees. Their commitment to diversity has
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jasminegood_HR400-01_unit2_BankBoston - Unit 2 Project Unit...

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