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Training for Excellence 1 Running head: TRAINING FOR EXCELLENCE AT WEGMANS FOOD MARKETS Training for Excellence at Wegmans Food Markets Jasmine Good Kaplan University AB203: Human Resources Management Jennifer Bryant Month Date, Year
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Training for Excellence 2 Training for Excellence at Wegmans Food Markets Introduction Food markets have a unique advantage as a business organization in that they provide a product in which consumption of it is necessary to the life of the consumer. The food, you could say, sells itself, people must eat or they die – it is that simple. A Wegmans Food Market could simply stock their shelves, unlock the doors and have employees take their places at registers to check out customers, bag their groceries and do very little of anything else. They could probably be successful if they remained in very remote living areas far from any competitors, however, Wegmans Food Markets knows that in order to be successful in the food business they must set themselves apart from the competition and that plan entails specific training developed around the products offered and customer base. Review/Analysis of the Case Training at Wegmans is related to the company’s organizational needs in that the training is designed to give employees specific skills and knowledge as they relate directly to the company’s strategy of standing out from the competition through quality products and superior
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jasminegood_AB203-02_unit 5_assignement_Case Analysis -...

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